With nopLunr, your customers can finally
search products using human-like queries!

Better, Faster and More Flexible nopCommerce Search

Let’s admit – nopCommerce’s built-in search is a pain. Even if full-text search is turned on, it’s still not good enough. nopLunr changes this by allowing more flexible searches without sacrificing accuracy; all without the need of any external dependencies like Solr, Lucene or ElasticSearch.

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Accuracy & Flexibility

By taking into account grammatical tenses and keywords similarity, nopLunr is able to return more results with high accuracy. More relevant results equals more products visibility.

Search Advanced Fields

Product Title and Product Description does not always fully represent a product. nopLunr allows indexing and searching of Product Attributes and Specification Attributes as well!

Spelling Check & Correction

Spelling mistakes from your customers can cause products to be hidden when they should appear. nopLunr fix this by providing spelling suggestions for the users.

Free Support & Tutorials

nopLunr comes with full documentation to help you get the most of this plugin. Still stuck? Submit a support ticket and we’ll reply in 24 hours to help you.

Flexible Query, Accurate Search

Gone are the days where your customers need to type exact keywords during the search.

nopLunr takes into account grammatical tenses and singular/plural, allowing users to search for products using flexible query. Example: “performant computer” would match product “Good Performance Computer”; “apples sweet” (apple with S) would match product “Sweet Fuji Apple”.

Other than the default “phrase match” search algorithm, nopLunr also allows for loose keyword match either by Fuzzy Search or Wildcard Search. This reduces the chances of empty search results, which could potentially improve store revenues!

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Works on Shared Hosting,
No Dependency Required!

Yes, you heard it right. nopLunr can be setup within minutes, saving you hours of configuration time otherwise required on similar (but heavier) implementation such as Solr, Lucene or ElasticSearch.

There’s also no need to pay for expensive server or cloud services, as nopLunr runs right within your nopCommerce installation, even on shared hosting!

We’ve tested nopLunr on websites with as many as 3000 products, so this plugin is definitely suitable for any mid-size stores.

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Improved nopCommerce Search Within A Few Clicks

nopLunr makes nopCommerce search more tolerant to “human-like” search queries.

It literally just takes 5 minutes to level up your store’s search functionality.

Backed by NopMvp

nopLunr is managed by official NopMvp and solution provider with more than 8 years of experience in nopCommerce. You know you are in good hands.

Free Support & Full Documentation

You don’t really need tutorials to start using nopLunr. It’s so easy anybody can use it, but if you are ever stuck, we are here to help!

Read our documentation to help you understand how different settings affect the search results.

Want even more help? File a support ticket and we’ll reply in 24 hours. We want you to run your store with peace of mind!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many products can nopLunr support?
In our test, nopLunr works smoothly (search results returned within 500ms) for up to 3000 products on shared hosting. We believe it’ll work for stores with even more products!
Any dependency required? Do I need to subscribe to cloud service?
No external dependency is required, and there’s no need to subscribe to any cloud service. nopLunr is plug-and-play. With just minimal configuration, you can get the search to work similarly to Solr, Lucene, ElasticSearch and the like.
Does this work on any hosting?
Yes, nopLunr works even on shared hosting.
If I purchase "Single Domain" version, can I activate it on sub-domains?

You can, if you only plan to use it on the sub-domain only and not on the top-level domain (*).

Example 1: if you activate on sub.mydomain.com, it’ll not work on mydomain.com or www.mydomain.com.

Example 2: if you activate on mydomain.com, it’ll work on www.mydomain.com but not on sub.mydomain.com.

(*) The subdomain www. is treated differently from other sub-domains, and is regarded as the top-level single domain. 

How does the money-back guarantee work?

If you do not like the plugin for any reason, you can ask for a full refund within 14 days (from the date of payment).

We won’t ask you any question, but we do hope you can tell us what is not working for you, so that we can improve the plugin.

And of course, if it’s just bugs that you would like us to fix without asking for a refund, you can file a support ticket on our support portal.

What does "1-year free upgrade" mean?

For 1-year free upgrade, you get all the plugin upgrades including (a) new features implementation; and (b) support for newer nopCommerce versions – free for 1 year counted from the date of payment.

A Better nopCommerce Search Starts from Here!

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